skating-953038_640We are two skating enthusiasts who absolutely loves to ride longboards whole day long if we can, we simply live for that. We have been skating for almost one decade now, that’s our biggest passion in life and we decided to make this website to share our passion and experience with you. We want help you to avoid some mistakes that we have done on our journey in this skating world. Our mission here is to be your guide on your journey and help you with our tips and guidelines based on our experience that we have gathered over the years about everything you need to know about longboards. We will make your journey easy and enjoyable as much as we can. You will find guides on how to choose your style, your longboard based on that style, what are the best wheels, trucks and bearings for you, after reading our guides you will know exactly how to make your dream longboard. We will talk about absolutely everything we would wanted someone taught us before we have learned everything on our own, so we could had our journey easy and enjoyable without mistakes we shouldn’t make. We will also do reviews of the best longboards out there that we have been used over the years and longboards that have been used by our friends. We will try to persuade some of them to share their best tips, because some of them have more experience than we have, they are absolutely beasts of skating.

We hope that you are excited as much as we are!