Longboards have been steadily becoming more popular with each passing day. If you are absolutely new to longboards then you can check our beginner guide how to choose your longboard. Longboarding is not that hard activity to learn. All you need to do is make up your mind and find the right longboard for you. After that, it is all about learning the basics and moving ahead from there. Finding the right longboard, no matter what your skill level may be, is a crucial part of this process.

Primarily, longboards are made of three types of materials- Carbon Fiber, Bamboo, and Maple. Each of these offers a unique set of properties to the longboard. For instance, Carbon-Fiber longboards are tough, durable and lightweight. These are also considerably more expensive than the other two. Carbon fiber longboards are common among professionals, as these help them gain extra speed. Bamboo is lightweight, flexible and is used for making cruising and carving longboards. Their lightweight nature makes transportation easier. Maple longboards are rigid and tough, providing a rock-solid construction to the board. The only downside of using these is that they are heavier than others.

With all of this information, the new longboarder may find it a little hard to find the right longboard. The good blend of affordability, speed, usage and durability comes with a bamboo longboard.

Why bamboo longboard?

As described above, bamboo longboards are lightweight and very flexible. This makes them ideal for carving and cruising longboards. Unlike the other two, they are not too heavy or too expensive which makes them just the right thing to begin with. Even professionals use bamboo longboard skateboards because they offer an unparalleled utility and advantage.

Environmental friendly

Bamboo is the most eco-friendly material. Bamboo is a material that is endlessly renewable as a resource. Along with that, it has minimal impact on our environment. It has been well known that the extensive use of maple has been a big contributor to deforestation. Thus, it is important that we find alternatives to maple, without losing any of the advantages. This is where Bamboo comes in as the best option from all other options.

You may be wondering why not prefer Carbon Fiber instead? Carbon Fiber is expensive, especially for beginners, and is not as durable as bamboo. Additionally, it is rather too light and will not suit every longboarder or usage-type.

Benefits of using a bamboo longboard

Bamboo is a lightweight material which makes it ideal for making longboards for cruising. Besides, it works great with most composite materials, which allows it to be used with other materials as desired. Additionally, it is highly flexible that allows it to adjust as per the usage and the rider style.

Nowadays, longboards are not 100% bamboo.

To get more functionality and durability, bamboo is used along with several other materials. For instance, bamboo is combined along with fiberglass, which gives them the trampoline flex. Besides all these benefits, there is also the advantage that a bamboo longboard looks great if made well.

The best bamboo longboards in the market

There are a number of longboards in the market, and finding the best one from them may seem like a bit of a hassle. As you read ahead, you will find the top ten bamboo longboards review. These will help you narrow down your choice, and select from the top 10 longboards that the market has to offer at this moment.


Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard Skateboard

Loaded Dervish Sama Longboard Skateboard Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

This longboard skateboard is an update to the 2007 version of the Dervish New, which is now the flagship of the brand. It is one of the best skateboards out there that you can use not only for cruising but also freeriding and carving. One of the most outstanding updates that have come with this model is that it now has a more prominent concave profile. This adds to the stability, tail kicks, and subtle nose all of which help you to work those freestyle tricks. It also has an updated drop in its cutout to increase the overall durability of the board. This longboard is flex-2 and has Paris V2 Trucks along with Otang Inheat wheels.

This longboard skateboard offers an excellent ride & has fast bearings that are just the right kind. Its bushings are also good quality, though they may begin to squeak in a little while. To avoid that, soap shavings can be used. Further, to add to its looks, the board has laser-cut factory grip tape that is an aesthetic beauty. Its midsection has rough grip tape while one near its trucks has an even rougher grip. This helps when doing various types of tricks because it adds to your stability. The long wheelbase and length also add to the stability of this longboard.

The flex of this longboard does not make it the best performer when it is at high speeds. It is an excellent lonboard at moderate speeds. Nevertheless, it is still a great longboard to have some fun with. The flex in this longboard can be customized using the flex options offered by Loaders (1-3). Riders can completely customize the longboard. Loader provides you a few flex options with its own patterns. The loaded dervish bamboo longboard complete gives a lot of control with smooth sliding at low speeds. You may want to check out another one if you are looking to go at faster speeds with more stability.

Jaseboard Surge

Jaseboards Surge Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

Jaseboard Surge is a bamboo cruiser longboard designed for handling all types of riding styles and terrains. It allows the rider to make switches and turns easily with the astonishing handling that this bamboo longboard offers. The first thing to notice about it is its shape. The shape of the Surge tries to incorporate a curve near the deck’s middle, along with cuts on all four edges. This is what prevents wheel bites in the middle of head turns.

The board’s weight is extremely low. Yet its construction delivers a high degree of durability. This is when you compare it to the best bamboo longboards in the market. It has the drop-through design in its configuration. This gives it a lower elevation than standard bamboo longboard skateboards. This is what accounts for the better stability and handling in this longboard. You will be able to realize this when you are riding downhill. To give the board maximum speed, it comes with Puka 71mm 78a wheels. These wheels have a grip tape that is a mix of silicon carbide grit. This gives traction to your feet to ensure that you do not slip off the board by accident.

For those who want a longboard to perform tricks on a flat area, this is an ideal longboard. It has a more rigid deck than most other bamboo longboards. Along with that, its concave shape gives you another advantage. This advantage is something that many people do not understand at the first glance. With a 38-inch deck, it has an exceptional degree of maneuverability. This adds to your convenience while carrying around. It is made using high-quality Canadian Maple along with outer sheets of laminated bamboo. This construction adds to its durability. It also increases its weather resistant properties and allows the board to ward off dust & rain.

Thus, overall, the Jaseboard Surge Longboard is a great model for skaters of all skill levels. With incredible speed and handling, it is one of the best purchases to fulfill your desire for the thrill.

Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2

Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

The Loaded Tan Tien Flex 2 Complete Longboard is the thing to go for if you want a smaller longboard. This Loaded bamboo longboard offers complete maneuverability & a high-performing structure. It has a wheelbase of 27 inches and length of 39 inches. This longboard is made of a bamboo/fiberglass mix and is ideal for cruising, freeriding and sliding. This is the perfect skateboard for intermediate as well as advanced riders. Do not let that mislead you into thinking that it is not suitable for beginners. For beginners, just a bit of caution will be all they need while riding this bamboo cruise longboard.

While the wheelbase may be smaller for some- do not let that trick you into underestimating this longboard. Its deck has three flex numbers. This gives you the option to get more stable if you are a powerhouse. You can go wild and loose or stay right in the middle to get the best of both these directions. The Tan Tien is a bamboo longboard complete designed for helping the rider try out newer tricks and riding styles. Everything ranging from the pumpable camber to the foot-locking concave, its drop-thru truck mounting and highly responsive tail and nose kicks, it blends together carve oriented longboarding and advanced trick riding. The board is super responsive due to its complex contours. This is what helps you get that increased confidence as you pop tricks, lean into sharp turns and power through slides. The board’s bottom made of woven bamboo is easy on the eyes while its funky-grip design further adds to this aesthetic pleasure.

The board is gripped along with black grip tape, which is there for adding the maximum coverage with the board’s natural flex. This helps the board gain greater control and traction as is needed for pumping and sliding. It also creates a lock-in on its tail and nose. The Flex of the board is as follows:

· Flex 1: <=270 pounds
· Flex 2: 130 to 210 pounds
· Flex 3: 80 to 170 pounds

The softer flex gives you greater control with tight turns, though at lower speeds. The Flex 1, which is stiffer, is appropriate for the heavier riders. Overall, the rough grip, light board, and flex options come together to create a premium board for a range of riders!

Sector 9 Striker

Sector 9 Striker Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

There is no doubt about the fact that bamboo longboards from Sector 9 are amongst the most loved products in the market. While it is one of the ‘coolest skateboards’ that you will come across, that is not a good enough reason to buy it. And that is what we will try to provide you with this bamboo longboards reviews. The fact is Sector 9 longboards are quite the indicator that it is a premium product. It has high-quality finish and form all across it. This sector 9 bamboo longboard is a street carver. It is suitable for riding on concrete and asphalt. Sector 9 Striker will also go great on light-rolling hills.

The Sector 9 Striker is a bamboo sector 9 longboard that comes with a drop through mounting design and a bamboo flex pattern. That there gives a rider that surfy-feel even when he is on the roughest surfaces. The rider gets an extra leverage on this bamboo cruiser longboard through the kick-tail on its deck. This extra leverage is suitable for popping up & down curbs and shove-its. Sector 9 is known for making longboards of the highest quality that are constructed to last a long time. The Striker surely lives up to that expectation.

While the Striker looks great, it also packs in quite a punch. This longboard delivers a stellar performance to you. It has a width of 9.5 inches and a 36.5 inches length. These dimensions surely make it live up to that longboard tag. It is made from a 5-Ply bamboo core that is vertically laminated. This core is sandwiched between fiberglass along with a CNC Drop-Thru mounting and camber kick mold.

The only downside in the construction of this bamboo sector 9 longboard is that its pointed nose gets damaged quite easily. However, that can be taken care of by attaching a transparent piece of plastic to its trucks that extends to the nose for protection. For those who want a longboard to ride downhill, this is not the one to go with. Apart from that, this is a true Sector 9 longboard that delivers quality and durability that comes with this premium product.

Sector 9 Shoots

Sector 9 Shoots Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

The Shoots Complete Skateboard by Sector 9 is a hybrid skateboard and longboard. The first thing that you will notice about this is that it is shorter than other bamboo longboards by Sector 9. It has a length of 33.5 inches, with its width being 23.5 inches. However- the length of this board is not really a shortcoming. The length of the longboard is an advantage that many other boards do not have. This length makes it a better choice for shorter riders. It also makes it more maneuverable than traditional longboards.

To add greater control of the board, Sector 9 has carefully designed the deck of this longboard. It is made using 5-ply bamboo. This is responsible for adding enough flex to the board that gives rider just the right feel. Carrying this longboard is very easy on your arms and convenient. This is because of the material used for the overall construction. The material of this sector 9 bamboo longboard makes it lightweight and durable. It has great-quality Sector 9 wheels already installed on the board.

Though the board does not go as fast as the longer ones do, it still delivers a perfect functionality. Thus, the length will not be a big disadvantage for most. It can take turns with a lot of ease as you glide through tough corners. All of this comes together to make it one of the most suitable boards for those who loves fun and short rides. It is not really the best board for doing slides. This is because of its short length coupled together with the high center of gravity. All these factors make doing slides on this board a tough task. However, this same length along with its high-quality components and the great turning & carving capabilities make it one of the best things that you can get for the price.

Thus, overall, despite those few shortcomings, it comes across as the perfect longboard. It will suit the casual rider and college-going teen. Its excellent capabilities make it one of the best boards in this range. The level of durability that Sector 9 offers further makes it a steal-deal.

Arbor Timeless Pin

Arbor Timeless Pin Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

This is for those looking to get a bamboo pintail longboard that will live up to the ‘longboard skateboard’ name. With a 32.25 inch wheelbase, 46.0 inches length and a 9.5-inch width, this lets the rider make complete use of the given surface area. This is what adds to the rider’s stability when he is at higher speeds. That quality that doesn’t have every longboard in this review.

This ‘classic pintail carver’ design provides a smooth and open-stance skating experience. This is one of the smoothest rides in this range, and this bamboo cruiser longboard comes with a lot of flex. The construction of this board involves 6-ply maple along with top bamboo ply. It has a clear, lucid grip that is made using crushed glass and uses ¼-inch risers and ABEC 5 bearings. This bamboo arbor longboard will allow even beginners to cruise at high speeds with greater stability. If you are a heavy rider, then you can go in for this longboard without any hesitation. This arbor bamboo longboard handles all the weight really well.

Apart from its high-quality construction, Arbor has really gone the extra-mile to make it trendy and stylish. With designs by DZO, there is little that you will not love about the appearance of this longboard. The wheels in the board can be changed if and replaced with a color of your choice. The most common combination is metal colored trucks along with red wheels.

Thus, with all those great looks and features, there is little that the amateur longboarder complains about. It has a lot to offer and surely makes up for the price with those great features and extra stability & speed.

Globe Hg Spearpoint

Globe Hg Spearpoint Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

The Globe Spearpoint Bamboo 40” is considered as a revolution in the traditional design. It is touted as a longboard designed for not just cruising, but also for carving and freeriding. It has eight plies of maple along with a top and bottom sheet made of bamboo. This longboard has a length of 40 inches and width of 9.75 inches with a total wheelbase of 30.75 inches. One of the most common problems with longboards is wheel biting. This is exactly what Globe has taken care of with directional shape and wheel cutouts that prevent wheel bites.

It has a low center of gravity and drop through mounted trucks. These when brought together with the long wheelbase give the rider great stability. Also, it gives a very easy pushing. Its bamboo top and bottom ply make the longboard a lot flexible as compared to the traditional construction. Traditional construction only uses Maple, which loses flexibility. The design is an evolution of the hugely popular Geminon series. Many of the series’ problems and shortcomings have been taken care of in this design. The board has a little side-to-side concave in it.

Both casual and advanced riders will find this longboard comfortable and easy to ride on. This is primarily due to the arrowhead design of the board. This bamboo longboard also gives riders the freedom of choice between 2 types of constructions. These are regular grip tape or clear broadcast. There is a choice between drop-through or drop-down too. This is ideal for beginners who are looking for a longboard to learn sliding on. This globe bamboo longboard can be one of the best choices that the market has to offer for beginners.

The looks of this board is one of the best in this range. It has beautifully made graphics that are designed with the highest quality of work. The shiny wood that further adds to the aesthetic value of the board. All of this comes together to make a quality longboard that is surely worth all the price.

Jaseboards Grom

Jaseboards Grom Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

Jaseboards has been known to make some of the best bamboo longboards. The Grom 28” Cruiser Longboard surely lives up to those expectations. If you are looking for a longboard to go for some city riding, then the Grom is what you must go for. It has a wheelbase that is just a little above the 1-foot mark. It comes with a big tail that makes it suitable for those ollies, manuals, and tight turns. As Jaseboards puts it- this is easily the most maneuverable board that you will find in the market.

The board has a length of 28 inches with an 8-inch width and 13.75-inch wheelbase. The thickness of the total board is just around 0.5 inches, which is as close to perfect as it gets. The build of the longboard is 3ply Maple core with Vert-lam Bamboo Sandwich. This combination in its construction makes the deck of this bamboo longboard weather resistant. Bamboo does not absorb water. The complete weight of this Cruiser longboard is 7.13 pounds, which is just as much as it can get. Carrying around it is not too much of a hassle. It has silicon carbide clear grip, Puka 62 x 53 mm 78a wheels and Puka High-Performance Chrome Steel Bearings. This bamboo longboard is all set for you to take out and have the ride of your life in the city.

Its silicon carbide grit tape helps make a very coarse and ‘grippy’ top. This ensures that you will not lose your footing and that the grip will stand against all elements. The chrome bearings stay in great shape and are moisture resistant, thanks to the chrome plating and the metal shields on both their sides. Their construction allows the bearings withstand heavy load and maintain the best performance. All that you have to do is keep them clean and oiled to get the best possible service from them.

This longboard is complete with a simple yet attractive design. The Jaseboards Grom 28” Cruiser Longboard Skateboard is surely one that you can consider. It is ideal if you want something to go cruising in the city on with speed, style, and stability!

Krown Krex 2

Krown Krex 2 Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

The Krown Krex 2 bamboo pintail complete longboard is one of the top choices of longboards for beginners. It is ideal for those who are looking to get something with the most affordable price tag. This is one of the most decent affordable boards out there. It has bearings that are just good enough to freeride and cruise on. This feature is something that is extremely important for beginners. Regardless of what its price tag may implicate, you can easily go over 30MPH on this krown bamboo longboard.

The first thing that we must mention in this bamboo longboard review is the deck of this longboard. With a 41 inches length, this deck is just perfect for that perfect cruising experience. It strikes the best possible balance between length for speed and stability but is not long enough to mess with maneuvering. There is a certain degree of flex in it, as is expected from a bamboo deck. This will help create a smooth riding experience even when you are over those bumps and rough concrete on the sidewalk.

One of the biggest questions that everyone has before buying a board is how strong and durable it is. This is more important for beginners. Even the most natural of them all will give a bit of battering to the board- pranging its nose on the curve, hitting it here & there and so on. This is where the Krown Krex 2 shows its true strengths. Tt is made like an armor and will take up quite a bit of damage as you rough it up. Thus, with those great looks, amazing features and a high degree of durability- there is not a lot more that you can ask for in a longboard this cheap. So if you are a beginner looking for a smooth ride for an affordable price, then your search has now concluded successfully.

Quest Rorshack

Quest Rorshack Click Here for Pricing, Pictures and Reviews on Amazon.com

The Quest Rorshack is the perfect board for those looking for an affordable longboard at an affordable price. What makes it such a popular choice for beginners is that it offers a very smooth ride and durable structure. Additionally, it is small enough for you to carry around without any difficulty. If you are an experienced rider looking for the best longboard bamboo skateboards, then you should look somewhere else.

This is a decent board for this price tag. It uses good quality materials for the price, which make it capable of surviving quite a lot of bumps and knocks. The deck is made of bamboo and maple leaf, coupled together with aluminum trucks. This deck makes it capable of bearing even the heftiest of blows. These also add greater flex to the board. Though the wheels are a little softer than most of us would prefer, they are still ideal for beginners who are not going to be racing around on it too soon.

This pintail bamboo longboard is a little longer than the conventional skateboard length. This length makes it quite suitable for cruising around your campus or neighborhood.
The kicktail is one of its key features that give it a great degree of maneuverability. The bearings used in this longboard are ABEC 5 ratings. These bearings are manufactured against an above-average standard. This is not one of the best in the world but still works fairly well. Its wheels have a 65mm diameter, a little less than the typical longboard wheel size. This will give you faster acceleration than normal longboards.

Thus, as far as beginners go, this is a great budget longboard. It will be able to take quite a bit of beating and deliver a great performance in even the roughest of circumstances. If you want a bit more quality in your longboard, then there are plenty of other options.

Now you know which the top 10 bamboo longboards in the market are and what you gain with each of these. Finding the best one for your shouldn’t be that hard task anymore.