Irrespective of one’s age, longboarding gives a fun experience to those who love doing it. This one is such a longboard that will enhance this experience. It is designed with a hybrid deck of maple and bamboo and has a little bit concave surface. The width of the deck is bit more and has trucks with high performance 40 degree reverse king pin.

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This longboard is made with two ply bamboo and seven ply maple laminated play that makes it durable and strong. The combination of both the material makes it quite long lasting and the graphic design on it makes it look attractive. The maple provides strength to the deck and the bamboo provides the desired flexibility to the deck.

Tight cornering that needs to be mentioned when it comes to this drop through longboard. The trucks come with Abec Area 51 wheels and top grade Abec bearings which gives the board great turning ability. One should not try hairpin cornering or precision tricks with it but it is useful for hugging the curves while going downhill.

The length of the longboard is 40” and has width of 10” that will allow you to ride nad cruise through easily. It is not just the comfort and smoothness that one experiences while riding this longboard, but it has a stylish look too. The heat transferred graphics will surely catch on quite a few attractive looks.

Special Features

There are certain features available in this longboard that makes it quote perfect. Like the length of the longboard is not too long neither too short, making it perfect for those who love cruising!

The design made on the longboard deck does not fade away easily and it is quite pleasing to the eyes. The truck is of Drone and comes with 40 degree that increases the stability of this board. Being lightweight it is easy to carry or store along. Bearing can be easily replaced thus; the rider can make necessary changes according to choice. The rating of the wheels are 78a that is they are soft rated and being large is size can absorb most of the shocks that comes along the way.

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  • The longboard is comfortable due to its length and width.
  • Suited for both cruising as well as carving. Actually is a Jack of all trade.
  • When in campus it is easy to carry and store as it is light weight.
  • Comes with small angle trucks and soft wheels that are best for beginners.
  • May not be among the cheapest longboards but the price is worth its features.


  • One may need to change the bearings for getting better performance as its bearings are not fastest.
  • As the use of maple is more compared to bamboo, flexibility is reduced.
  • There may be some issue with the grip.

To conclude

There may be certain issues with grip or bearing but for those who are looking for a responsive board with sleek looks, very few longboards can beat this one.