When it comes to choosing a longboard that is strong as an iron ball and moves swiftly like feather, there are few longboards that can match this one. Beginners prefer this longboard for its stylish look that is available at comparatively cheap price. And why only beginners, even intermediaries also prefer it’s for they get quality components at affordable price.

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Quest Cruiser Artisan 4-5stars amazon

This longboard is made up of maple and artisan bamboo ply that makes it a perfect choice for longboarding. Other features of this longboard are:


Kick tail is an advantage although many may not use it during their beginning days. With the help of the kick-tail it is easy to maneuver around the town. It also helps in learning flips and tricks while riding through the longboard.

It is made with hardwood Maple that makes this board more stable and sturdy. It can be used roughly without the fear of being damaged, that to the maple hardwood.

The length of the board is 44 inches that makes it comfortable for the rider for doing any styles. It is perfect for those who are new to longboarding and do not have much idea about what to do with the board.

It has 7 inches aluminum trucks that complement the deck of the longboard. The width of the ruck is such that there are least chances of wheel bites. Apart from that they provide smooth turning with a low turning radius.

It comes with 70mm PU wheels that provides good grip to the ground apart from being durable. Most longboard wheels have a diameter between 65mm to 75 mm and this is just perfect to manage the speed and acceleration while using the longboard. They are made up of polyurethane that gives a vibration free smooth riding experience.

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  • This longboard is designed beautifully and there are few who will not like the Artisan bamboo deck.
  • The longboard is long-lasting and durable
  • For smooth ride just knowledge of using it is enough, does not need any alterations.
  • This board is suitable for different riding styles that include carving and cruising.
  • The price is very affordable, at least for a longboard of 44 inches.


  • It is a bit heavy, thus for those who need to carry it along may face problem.
  • It is not very flexible and when compared to other flexi longboards it has a low rank.
  • Some users suggest that bearings are not good enough, and swapping them gives a better riding experience.
  • It also has limited turning radius.


Advanced riders may want more from this longboard but for beginners it is a perfect longboard that is available at quite affordable rates. It gives a stable and fast riding experience. it can be used downhill too. Hence, for beginners it is a perfect choice that will let them enjoy longboarding a lot.