Whether you are just learning longboarding or have been doing it for some time now, this board can be your ideal mate while you cruise on the roads. It is available in twenty-six graphic designs all of which are fantastic. The main beauty lies in its design that is quite low to the ground making every ride a fun and responsive ride.

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Yocaher Special Graphic Pintail 4-5stars amazon


As already mentioned this one is designed in such way that it meets the need of the consumers. The deck is so made that it helps the riders ride on any type of terrain and not just those smooth city roads. The center of gravity is kept low making it stable and very responsive.

This board will allow a beginner to learn how to carve with it. It has a length of 40 inches and width of 9 inches that helps the beginners to handle a longboard better. The wheel is made up of Abec and is 70mm, a size that is perfect for gaining speed while being stable.

Great for Beginners and Intermediate Riders

Board is made for beginners and intermediate riders because it can support easy and fast learning. As it is low to the ground it is easy to carve with it and beginners can learn this technique fast.

The different parts of this longboard are best suited for the beginners and the intermediate riders can increase the speed by changing the bearings.

Cruise with ease with this cool longboard

One more thing that attracts riders is its cool graphics. It looks like the fashionable one and when it comes to the cost, it is just fraction of them! The graphics are not stickers stick on the board; they are spray from computer program and give a great and stylish look.

This Pintail sits down to the ground making the riding experience stable. Its responsive trucks are just perfect for carving.

Quality Construction

As mentioned the size is 40” by 9” that is shorter than many longboards but it is easy for any beginner for transition from any ordinary longboard.

The Abec 7 bearings made every ride smooth and are quite good in shock absorbance. The aluminum alloy truck is sturdy and makes it long lasting.

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  • It is very versatile to use
  • It is durable and can hold up even after continuous use.
  • Not to mention about the aesthetics that is really awesome. Even the wheels are available in different colors.
  • Has sturdy construction and good flex to it.


  • The bearings may be needed to change when one becomes better rider. ‘
  • The delivery time is slow

To conclude

Those who are looking for a versatile longboard that has cool graphics and quite affordable, this one should be their first choice. This is good for many terrains and a good one for beginners.