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Long Boards

Longboards are becoming more and more popular with people of all ages. Today,  it has its own unique and niche sport, attracting surfers, skateboarders and basically users from all walks of life.

Longboarding is a style of skateboarding that involves riding on a long, narrow board. They are usually flatter than skateboards and come with larger and softer wheels for a much more smoother ride.

They vary in terms of size, shape and style  with the most common types being the pintails,  drop-downs, drop-throughs and dancing longboards.

With so many options available,  selecting the right longboard for your needs can become a daunting experience. But don’t be scared yet,  with the help of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision of the best longboards that meet your needs and style


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Benefits of having a Longboard


Longboarding contributes to cardio work-out:

Cardio workout is the best form of exercise that gives your body a lean shape by cutting down your weight.

It ends up moving every muscle of your body and if you exercise regularly, your body will require enough rest hence, you will get sound sleep on a regular basis.

This can go a long way to bring down your cholesterol levels as well as diabetes thus if, you have these issues for a long time

The cheapest way of work-out:

Using a longboard quite often would mean you do not have to spend a lot of money going to expensive gyms.

This is because you can still achieve the same results with just longboarding. You save up a lot on gym subscription fees.

Refreshment of the mind:

Longboarding gives you the opportunity to view, enjoy your surroundings and get some cool breeze outside. This helps to refresh your mind.


Having a longboard is a great opportunity to get to your destination on time without having to wait for a bus or any other form of public transport.


Longboards are super affordable when you compare them to other forms of transportation. It doesn't cost a fortune to own one and can equally transport you from one place to the other. What You Need To Know What To Look Out For in longboards


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What You Need To Know To Look Out For in A longboard

There are many individual components to consider when it comes to longboards. The sheer amount of information and options can get intimidating at a point especially when it comes to wheels,decks,  trucks and bearings . In this section of the article, we will try and break down some of the technicalities involved with this equipment.


Deck Size & Thickness

When it comes to longboards, the deck is perhaps the most important factor you have to consider first when selecting one.

The deck of a longboard is the part you stand on and most longboards range between 35″ and 40″ in length.

However, what differs is the number of plies they are made of as it varies from one longboard to the other.

To make a good purchase, you generally have to consider your height and weight. If you are taller, you will have an easier time with a longboard.  

You should generally opt for at least 7 plies of deck thickness If you are a heavier rider. Some flexibility in a deck is a good thing, but stability and durability are more important, especially for beginners.

Types of Deck Shapes


These types of decks have their kicktails sloping upward. With the kicktails sloping upward, it makes it easier to perform tricks that require you to push down on the tail.



Unlike kicktails, pintails are decks that have a tail that come to a point and are not slopped upward. When it comes to cruising, they are built for it; they allow sharp carving and wide turns.

Drop Through

Drop through decks do not come with tails or discernible noses. This is because their trucks are at the very end of the board. They are specifically designed for high speeds and hills.


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Deck Styles


Top Mount

The trucks of this style of deck are similar to that of traditional skateboards. Over here, the trucks are attached to the deck by bolts. These bolts pass through the plies of the deck to the underside of the board.

Drop Through

The base plate of the truck is designed to be on top of the deck instead of the bottom. This is meant to lower the height off the ground for the longboard. Why does this matter? This is very important as it grants more stability for the rider especially during times of high speed.


Double Drop

These boards are specifically designed for downhill slides and they can stand high speeds without any issue. They are built in such a way that they come with slots designed for drop-through truck mounting. Their riding platform is lowered and sits below the base plate of the truck.


What attaches the wheels to the deck of the longboard are the trucks. The trucks are what allow you to turn. They are made up of a metal axle that goes across the width of the board with wheels on each side, they allow the truck to turn and there is usually a metal base plate in place to attach the trucks to the deck. There is a metal bolt called a kingpin that is attached to the base plate which holds the bushings. There is a nut on the top of this bolt that can be loosened or tightened to give the more or less turning ability to the rider.

Truck Tightness (Kingpin Adjustment)

With the nut on the top of the kingpin, it can easily be adjusted to suit personal preferences as well as other factors such as where you are riding the longboard. For example, if you are doing a lot of wide turns while cruising around a parking lot, you will prefer your trucks to be looser than if you are hitting high speeds and going down a steep hill.

Reverse Kingpins

Just like how it can be done on traditional skateboards, some longboards also feature “reverse kingpin” trucks. This simply means that the trucks face the opposite way. This is meant to do two things. First is to give the rider more responsive turning at lower speeds and more control at higher speeds.


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Wheel Material

When it comes to longboards, their wheels are always going to be made of urethane. Urethane is a type of artificial rubber material that makes it possible to grip the pavement and do high-speed speed slides on your longboard

Wheel Size

Just like how it can be done on traditional skateboards, some longboards also feature “reverse kingpin” trucks. This simply means that the trucks face the opposite way. This is meant to do two things. First is to give the rider more responsive turning at lower speeds and more control at higher speeds.

Wheel Softness (Durometer):

A Durometer is the scale on which the softness of the longboard wheel is measured. This scale measures how stiff the rubber-type materials are. Longboards durometer noted by a number which is then followed by "a". For example, the durometer of a longboard wheel is between 65a and 90a.

It is important to note that, the higher the durometer of a wheel, the harder the wheels are. The softest wheels are around 65a and the hardest are around 101a. Softer wheels are great for ensuring a smooth ride over rough surfaces, but harder wheels are generally faster and better for sliding.


The bearings are small circlets and they contain ball bearings that go inside the wheels of your longboard. The bearings are very important and have to be in place to ensure a fast and smooth ride. There are basically 2 bearings in each wheel of a longboard. One in the back and the other in front.

Skateboard Bearings

These are rated on the same scale as bearings designed for several different purposes. This scale is called the ABEC scale. ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers Committee.

ABEC Ratings

Most skateboard bearings are going to be ABEC 5 or ABEC 7 rated.


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1. Landyachtz Drop Hammer


Landyachtz is a well- known brand in the world of longboarding  having established itself as a standard – setter and a leader in sustainability. Its very interesting to know that for every board they sell, landachtz plants a tree

Aside from their commitment to the environment, they are also committed to producing great longboards for users of all ages and skill levels. The Landyachtz drop hammer is particularly designed for daily commuting as well as for carving and downhill bombing. It is designed for easy control even while on top speed.

This is made possible from its large and very soft wheels which provide a cloud-like riding experience. Its premium trucks also allow for well structured control and maximum stability.
When it comes to the features, there are some amazing ones tgat make the Landyachtz a great choice. Let’s have a look at them !

TRUCKS: Bear Grizzly 181mm mounted in a drop-through style with heat treated hangers and an enlarged bushing seat

DECK: 36.5” Canadian maple with slight concave, drop through shape

WHEELS: Hawgz 78a 70mm Fatty urethane wheels

BEARINGS: Spaceballs ABEC 7



2. Arbor Fish Bamboo:


Longboards from Arbor Collective are generally known for using natural wood grain which is obvious from their name and the fact that they are dedicated to preserving forests Aside their look and dedication to the environment, their longboards are made with maximum attention to detail on their craftmanship.

This particular cruiser deck has a unique riding experience. It is first made with a layer of bamboo which gives it maximum strength and flexibility when riding

The Arbor Fish Bamboo wide trucks and large, soft wheels make this board ideal for rolling over rough terrain with stability and control. It is important to note that this longboard is not ideal for bombing huge hills but it is specially made for normal daily commutes or for cruising hills with friends

TRUCKS: 150mm Reverse kingpin

DECK: 37” deck made up of 7 layers of Canadian Maple and 1 layer of Bamboo, pintail shape


WHEELS: 78a 65mm Arbor Mosh



3. Globe The All Time:

The Globe the all time as a brand has been involved in skateboarding since 1985. It comes as no  surprise that the  “The All Time” from Globe comes at a lower cost comparing it to the others on this list yet, it is still made of top notch quality parts

As far as longboards are concerned, this one is on the shorter side at 35”. Although some people prefer their boards to be short, longer boards go a long way to provide more stability  especially when it comes to bombing hills and performing certain tricks.  The Globe the all time are generally safer than the short ones. However this board’s trucks, wheels, and bearings make it fast, maneuverable, and responsive

This particular longboard is ideal for learning tricks due to its kicktail and shorter length but on a general note, it is not designed for use on steep hills

TRUCKS: 150mm Slant with reversed kingpins and super high-rebound bushings

WHEELS: 83a 65mm urethane

DECK: 35” Canadian maple, single kicktail with mellow concave and sanded wheel wells




4. Landyachtz Atv

The possibilities of performing tricks are endless when you have a Landyachtz ATV. Longboarding as a sport gives you the freedom  to perform tricks as a way of expression. However, learning new tricks As  a skill set can be very frustrating and highly risky. This is why it is important to have the right kind of longboard available.

It is good to note that when it comes to longboarding, performing tricks are possible irrespective of the boards used but they are much easier with boards that have a kicktail. Having kicktails allows the rider to perform tricks that get airborne with much more ease.

The Landyachtz Atv is specifically designed with tricks in mind as it board has a length of 31 inches. The trucks and wheel on this board are larger than those on most traditional skateboards, but are still significantly lighter than many of the others on this list. The Landyachtz ATV deck is shorter than any other longboard on this list and might technically be classified as a cruiser. It is still capable of many things that its larger counterparts are capable of

TRUCKS: Polar Bear 155mm

DECK: 31” Canadian maple with a kicktail and sanded wheel wells

BEARINGS: Not Mentioned

TRUCKS: Polar Bear 155mm

WHEELS: 60mm lil EZ’s



4. Arbor Axis Solstice

The Arbor Axis Solstice is designed to allow the rider to have more control while reaching terminal velocity. This makes it much safer when the rider attempts to break the sound barrier while going down steep hills. 

With the stability of the rider in mind, it has been designed in such a way that the drop through shape of its deck lowers the centre of gravity of the rider and grants more stability when in use.

The trucks are also responsive yet stable. The large and soft wheels – also made by Arbor Collective – allow for grip where necessary The Arbor Axis Solstice is designed to handle long trips as well as risky hill bombing. Unlike the others, this board does not have a kicktail so performing tricks is not a good fit with it.

TRUCKS: Paris 150mm

DECK: 37” 7 ply Canadian maple, drop through shape


WHEELS: 78a 70mm Arbor Sucrose Initiative



the top reviewed on best mini longboards


As you progress on your longboarding journey, you will likely find that there are certain things that you enjoy more than others about the sport. For instance, perhaps you love the thrill of racing down hills more than performing tricks. The most exciting part of this is, no matter no preference, there will always be a stability when  available for you !


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