5 Best Mini Longboards

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5 Best Mini Longboards

5 Best Mini Longboards

A mini longboard is a special type of longboard. Generally,  a longboard is considered short if its length is 33″ or shorter. Mini longboards or short longboards fall between the ranges of 25″ and 33″. Longboarding for some time now has gained massive popularity as a nice sporting activity.

Although longboarding is an amazing sport, you may never experience and enjoy its fun part If you don’t have a high-quality longboard.

Therefore you need to find the best longboard and mini longboards that provide more speed, comfort, and increased turning abilities.

Mini longboards also offer a budget choice for anyone who is not in the skate industry but wishes to try this sport. They don’t have to necessarily purchase a full-sized longboard. Mini longboards have almost everything regular longboards have including wood deck and grip tape which makes them much safer to use.

5 Best Mini Longboards

However, there are many types of mini longboards on the market depending on the style, brand, size among many others. With so many options available, selecting the right mini longboard will go a long way to determine how you enjoy longboarding. But you can easily get confused and purchase a longboard that won’t work well for you.

This is why we’ve put this article together to give you every information you will need to make the best choice when selecting a mini longboard.

Types Of Mini Longboards.

5 Best Mini Longboards

Mini-cruiser short longboards

Mini-cruisers generally come with a wide pointed nose and a slightly slimmer tail. They are hated like little surfboards. Unlike regular cruisers, they may be diamond, squared, swallow, and rounded tails.

For nimble maneuvering around obstacles in tight spaces, mini cruiser longboards come with a functional kicktail and they are also easy ollying for hopping over cracks and curbs.

Many mini cruisers are very responsive and offer flexible turny trucks. Their wheels are relatively big for the size of the deck they come with. This is meant to give riders maximum comfort when cruising over any terrain.


5 Best Mini Longboards

Short drop-through longboards

Typically, mini longboards have short drop-through shapes and as such, they are becoming very popular. This means that they provide a more stable ride.

Especially when it comes to pushing it easily and speed and this is made possible as the trucks are mounted across the deck, making the deck lower to the ground.


5 Best Mini Longboards

Hybrid short longboards

These mini longboards are short by longboard standards but on the larger end of skateboard sizes. They generally look like oversized street decks.

It’s important to note that some are close to the shape of cruisers while many are popsicle-shaped.


Features To Consider When Buying Mini Longboards

Longboards Components

The features in a mini longboard are what will determine its performance. To make sharp ends and perform tricks, mini longboards usually come with kick tails.


Mini longboards vary with a length of about 33 inches. Based on your ability or skills you can choose the size of the longboard. It’s important to know that the size of the mini longboard is what determines it’s stability, turning ability, and speed.


Mini longboards come in different shapes including drop-down, cut out, pintail, fishtail among others. The shapes will give a different appearance to your mini longboard however, they all offer a cetsuk level of stability.


Many different materials are used to make mini longboards. These include hard plastic, wood and bamboo. The materials determine the durability of the mini longboard.

Reviews Of The Best Longboards For Beginners 2021

1.  Landyachtz TugBoat Complete Skateboard

5 Best Mini Longboards

The Landyachtz TugBoat Complete Skateboard is excellent for getting from one place to the other and comes with a very fast deck.  It is lightweight, compact, and easy to pick up at any time. Compared to a skateboard, it can be seen as its bigger version but it comes in a totally different shape.

When it comes to its construction, it is 9-inch wide with a 14.8-inch wheelbase and comes with a board 30-inch long. The Landyachtz TugBoat Complete Skateboard is also made from a 7-ply maple construction. Thanks to the amazing kicktail, riders can do flip tricks, pop up curbs, and the likes with ease and stability.

To help you lean into curves, the board comes with the 130mm trucks and 63 mm Hog fatty wheels support system. This mini longboard is able to sustain its speed for a long time because of the help of ABEC 7 bearings. You don’t have to worry about wheel bites as the mini longboard comes with the quarter-inch riser pad plus the wheel’s little cutouts all to prevent wheel bites.


  • Excellent kicktail
  • 7-ply maple- makes it very strong
  • Cokes with a wide deck
  • Made of quality components
  • Nose enable kicks and flips


  • Grip tape needs to be improved.


2. Magneto Mini Cruiser

5 Best Mini Longboards

The Magneto Mini Cruiser mini longboard is 27.5-inch  in length and comes with an outstanding sleek design. To make it possible for all the flipping Mannies, tick-tocking, and ollies, it comes with double kick tails. The deck is very strong as it is constructed from 6 plies of wood from Canadian maple.

The Magneto Mini Cruiser mini longboard can literally feel the sturdiness of this mini longboard when you’re riding it as it is made from quality gravity cast aluminum. Another amazing feature of this mini longboard cruiser is the high quality of its wheels and bushings. The wheel size is 60mm and comes with a wheel durometer of 78A.


  • Very strong deck
  • Made of quality materials
  • Excellent wheel size
  • Ensures maximum stability
  • Good for performing tactics


  • The sand grip needs to be improved


3. Arbor Pocket Rocket Premium 2016 Mini Cruiser 

5 Best Mini Longboards

This mini longboard has a very firm deck and gives riders the feel of standing on the ground rather than on the actual board.  This is thanks to construction. The Arbor Pocket Rocket mini cruiser is made from 7 plies of hard rock maple and comes with a top sheet of clear grip tape.

It is important to know that this grip tape is made from recycled glass. It is crushed glass and very durable as it provides the needed traction without being very sharp to cut or hurt you.

If you’re very passionate about the environment, then this mini longboard is ideal for you as The Arbor Pocket Rocket attempts to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. When it comes to the wheels, this mini longboard lets you roll over bumps and cracks with its 65mm wheels. The wheels also come with ABEC 5 bearings and a durometer of 78A. To maintain the rider’s stability at high speed when turning, this mini longboard features the 108mm Paris trucks.


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Well built for maximum performance
  • Very spacious deck
  • Long-lasting grip tape
  • Amazing design


  • Doesn’t come with kick tails.


4. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (Missile)
5 Best Mini Longboards

The white wave bamboo mini longboard is made from bamboo and maple. It comes with a deck length of 28 Inches and a deck width of 8 Inches. Riders do not have to worry about wheel bites when using the white waves bamboo mini longboard and this is because it comes with wheel wells already carved.

With this feature in place, riders can fully focus on cruising,  carving, and riding. The wheels are able to turn for a longer period of time with less pushing and this is thanks to the ABEC 9 Hellion  2 bearings.

The White Wave Bamboo mini longboard is known as one of the sturdiest longboards on the market.  It has a weight limit of up to 270lbs. However, it can comfortably support riders at 300lbs although it is advisable to stick to the standard weight limit. Riders can easily make tricks and easily position themselves on this longboard as it features a front and back kicktail.


  • Provides good turnability
  • Impressive weight limit
  • Has front and back kick tails
  • Comes with wheel wells to prevent wheel bites


  • High wheelbase.


5. Eggboards Mini Longboard

5 Best Mini Longboards

The Eggboards Mini longboards are made from 100% Bamboo. It comes with a deck length of 19 Inches and a deck width of  9 inches. The hardness of the wheels is 76 A and its size is 69mm.

This is the shortest mini longboard featured on this list. As the name suggests,  this mini longboard comes in the form of an egg and thus makes it one of the most compact and portable mini longboards available on the market today.

The Eggboards Mini longboards are very portable and lightweight such that you can put them inside your locker, fit it on the straps of your backpack, or even carry-on airplanes. Although it’s very small it provides excellent speed and stability features.  When it comes to its bearings,  it features the ABEC-9 bearings which allow for longer spinning and less pushing.


  • Excellent turnability
  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Very durable
  • Very good and stable features


  • Length may not be very suitable for beginners.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mini longboard?

Mini Longboards are boards that are generally 18-33 inches in length. They are a sub category of longboards but not the traditional types of longboards.

Are mini longboards good for beginners?

Yes. Most mini longboards come with very firm decks which usually help beginner riders at balancing.  However, if care is not taken, the lack of room to position themselves can throw them off.

How big should the mini-longboard be?

This largely depends on you. You decide ghetto best mini longboard for you. However, it is advisable that you choose a mini longboard that gives you enough room to stand on your deck.

What type of trucks should it have?

There are mainly two types of trucks. These are the reverse kingpin trucks and the traditional kingpin. The reverse kingpin trucks are good  for riding at higher speeds whilst the traditional kingpin trucks are better for slower speeds

Are cruiser longboards fast?

They’re not too fast like other longboards made for tricks. Cruiser longboards are moderate.