The Best Electric Longboards

What Is an Electric Longboard?

Longboards are becoming more and more popular with people of all ages. Today,  it has its own unique and niche sport, attracting surfers, skateboarders and basically users from all walks of life. Longboarding is a style of skateboarding that involves riding on a long, narrow board. They are usually flatter than skateboards and come with larger and softer wheels for a much more smoother ride.

They vary in terms of size, shape and style  with the most common types being the pintails,  drop-downs, drop-throughs and dancing longboards. With so many options available,  selecting the right longboard for your needs can become a daunting experience. But don’t be scared yet,  with the help of this article, you will be able to make an informed decision of the best longboards that meet your needs and style

What to lookout for in an electric longboard

Depending on what you may be using the board for, there are several factors to consider in determining which board to purchase. These factors include the batteries, weight, the bearing, the charger among many others.

The Wheel:

Longboard wheels allow it to move. They come in different sizes and are made of different materials. They come in sizes ranging from 60mm to 107mm. How you are going to ride and the materials they are made of should help you decide which one you want to purchase. Keep in mind that softer wheels run slowly while having a firm grip on the road but harder wheels run faster.

The Bearing:

Bearings are used to attach the wheels to the axle. Their sizes vary in the precision they are made with. They generate less friction giving you a faster ride.

Motors and Their Wattage:

The longboard is powered by the electricity from the battery that runs the motor. What differentiates motors is their wattage. The wattage must match the power that it is capable of putting out.

Riding Range:

This refers to how far you can travel on your longboard on a single charge. A lot of factors come to play with regards to the mileage but it mainly depends on the charge your battery can hold.

Controls or Controllers:

This is the device which you hold to control everything about you longboard including its speed and turning among others. Mostly it looks like a TV's remote control.

The Charger:

The job of the charger is to charge the battery that runs your longboard when it runs down. Whenever you want to charge the battery that runs your longboard, you will need a method to recharge it. This is the job of your charger. A charger can be purchased for almost any amount.

Weight Range:

This is the difference in weights that your longboard can hold. It'll be better to purchase a lightweight longboard so you can carry it when not in use.

Batteries Cells and Its Backup Range:

The battery cells hold the charge to power the motor and are going to keep your longboard running. To get to where you want to go, make sure the backup batteries are enough. Keep in mind that how you use it will determine the quality of batteries you purchase.

Downhill Riding Durability:

The best longboards designed for downhill riding give a stable ride and are extensive to prevent you from falling off. The wheels can spin and grip the road and so electric longboards designed for downhill rides are durable.

Traveling or Cruising:

Longboarding is a very enjoyable means of travelling, though not for long rides. The best longboards should be equipped with grips.

Why are electric longboards better than non-electric ones?

Reviews of the Best electric longboards

Let’s dive into the growing list of long-range electric longboards  available on the market today. This  guide should help you to weigh the pros and cons of various long-range electric longboards to find the right board for you.

1. Halo Board Beast

This electric longboard has a top speed of 26 MPH with 3200 watts of power. Its regenerative brake system recharges the batteries. The design is the first thing you will notice about this board It has a torque management system in place which ensures a buttery smooth ride

This  electric longboard has a very sleek appearance and it looks very amazing and it will give you the smoothest ride ever. The wheels of the Halo beast is 97mm which will give you the smoothest and uninterrupted ride you’ve ever had on a longboard while the battery lasts for up to 25 miles.

It’s very interesting to know that when making sharp turns on this longboard, you won’t feel a thing!. This is thanks to innovative technology and the all-new double kingpin Trucks.

Although the wheels are 97mm, you can swap them with 120mm all- terrain wheels so you can go on adventures on unpaved roads. When it comes to its durability and stability, it’s a force to reckon with as it’s upgraded bamboo and fiberglass blend deck can  easily carry a maximum load of 286lbs.

The Halo beast for sure will serve you for thousands of miles and years to come




The Onlyone O-2 board offers all you need, when it comes to speed, awesome range, and a timeless design. The Onlyone 0-2  has a very sleek and modern design and it is always in style. Aside from looks, it has a lot more to offer..

This electric longboard is powered by a dual belt drive with 900W of power each.   When it comes to speed, this longboard can get you to a top speed of 25mph with ease. Another impressive thing about this electric longboard is the fact that it can master inclines of up to almost 30 degrees.

The deck can handle a load of 330 pounds and this is possible because it is made up of 8 layers of maple and with sand coating for an extra grip.  The deck is a flexible one. It weighs 18.9 pounds

You have the opportunity to choose between two options when it comes to the battery. 6.6A and 7.5 A. Although the Onlyone O-2 board are quite similar in performance, with the 6. 6A, you will get an extra mile of range- this is 18 miles in total.



3. Backfire G3 Plus

The backfire G3 plus has  the world’s first pure carbon fiber deck. That makes it strong, flexible and a good fit for long rides. This model also features a stunning design that  conveys strength and durability. 

You will find two 600W Ultra-High power hub motors under the deck. You feel like you are riding a light penny board, while you are cruising on one of the largest decks on the marketYou just need one charge and it can take you up to 25 miles and up to a mighty 28.5 mph – the 50.4V 346Wh battery comes in handy too. The backfire G3 is extremely powerful electric system is impressive.

 Riding this one will make you fall in love with longboards in a minute. It also comes with Caliberll trucks, which contribute to the awesome riding experience  and its improved stability during moments of top speed.



4.Teamgee H5

The Teamgee has been on the market for quite a while now and they have proven themselves as reliable and trustworthy. The Teamgee H5 Electric Longboard is perfect for  short commutes, cruising campus and for quick errands.

It is extremely easy to control as it comes with a wireless LCD remote control and its wide deck. The battery can take you to 11 miles before needing to be recharged.

When it comes to durability, the teamgee H5 electric longboard has 10 layers of maple wood and 1 layer of fiberglass . This combination makes it flexible yet very durable.  This electric longboard can carry 200 pounds of weight while the entire longboard weighs just 14.5 pounds.  For maximum stabilization and control, it has been designed so you can stand about 3 inches off the ground.



5.Onlyone O-8

If you’re looking for a very powerful yet simple electric longboard for cruising or commuting then the OnlyOne 0-8 will be what you’re looking for. This electric longboard comes with an extra-large battery that allows it to go for 22 miles without needing a recharge.

The OnlyOne O-8  longboard has a regenerative braking system that reduces energy consumption and also recovers energy when braking. It  can operate at a speed of 25mph thanks to its two 600W hub motors.

When it comes to durability and strength,  the OnlyOne O-8 is made of 8 layers of maple, this makes it very flexible and easy to absorb shock. Although it can handle a maximum load of 330 pounds, it is recommended that the rider’s weight should be under 264 pounds.



6.Backfire Zealot

The Zealot has a very modern and simple look, It is  super lightweight due to the bamboo deck in place.  The design being simple does not mean it does not shine, because it really does shine. It comes with LED Ambient lights on both sides of the board, which gives it a modern look. This electric longboard is known for its smooth and bump less ride and this is possible because of its extra-large wheels and the Caliber ll.

The Zealot comes with two 750 W high torque motors with a 50.4V battery. This ensures quite a long ride at high speeds with fast acceleration. This electric longboard can carry riders up to 260lb to a speed of 28.mph for over 20 miles.



How to ride an electric longboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,  you can ride your electric longboard normally but it is really advisable. The parts of the longboard can be damaged when used as a normal longboard. They may even explode when badly damaged.

The size and flexible decks of electric longboards male them easier to ride than mini longboards.  Their flexible decks allow for improved weight distribution and for handling and turning.

Electric longboards are absolutely good for beginners, especially for their control. It's much easier to use them in open spaces and paved roads.

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